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About Me

My name is Alex Gruszka, and I have been very interested in film and music for a while now. Starting way back with my dad forcing me to pick up playing guitar and showing me Led Zeppelin songs, I’ve been interested in articulating the way that music, or any art, can communicate with people in ways that standard lines of reasoning can not. I want to share my enjoyment and appreciation for film and music through this page and hopefully inspire somebody to find a new favorite movie or song.

What I Look For

When examining and experiencing any work of art, whether it be music, film, television, literature, or any other form, I try to have some understanding of the context in which it was created. If the context shows itself as a major theme of the work I will go further into detail, as if I am trying to understand the work, the ideas that are best supported by the text will be those that are formed with full knowledge of what the text is surrounded by. I want the work to communicate through the medium in a way that isn’t totally reliant on logical ideas, and I want some sort of aftertaste when I am finished. This is very relevant with films in specific; if I am not left at some point in the future feeling the imprint of the film on myself, I will likely not find it especially powerful.

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