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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid arrived at a perfect time. For a film about the Wild West’s inevitable demise and fleeing to escape it to be placed at the tail end of the Western movie’s dominance and the dawn of the New Hollywood era is both prescient and obvious.  It is obsessed with the […]

Songs the Lord Taught Us

Songs the Lord Taught Us is a defining album of a minor genre. The sound of ‘psychobilly’ is an anachronism, evolved music in a world where madness is fitness. Aiming both to reintroduce the energy of rockabilly music to an audience the old stuff had gone stale to and wed it to punk and B-horror […]


CGI is a visual tool like any other in a filmmaker’s repertoire, but it holds a unique position in the current landscape as a signifier of laziness and apathetically commercial tendencies. Still, its existence is evidence of its capability. Computer generated images are most often seen as a shortcut to realism, shunning both the ingenuity […]


Noise pop is alternative pop at its purest. The Velvet Underground’s mixture of rock songs and avant garde sound experiments continues to be the most important choice in laying the foundations for alternative pop music’s path over the following decades. By the time two brothers known as The Jesus and Mary Chain released Psychocandy in […]


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